On 8/16/14 I was eating a bag of sour cream and onion chips I bought on 8/13/14. These chips do not expire until October 29 2014.

However when I pulled a chip out of the bag and when I looked at it there was a small live worm like bug on it! I was so disgusted that I threw the entire bag away. I couldn't identify what kind of bug it was but I saw at least 2 of them in there.

When I called I offered to send the bag back so they could identify the bug and recall the chips but they said it was an isolated incident. I won't be eating Frito Lays chips ever again.

  • sour cream and onion
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What should my next step be I am pregnant and I believe I ate some of the maggots/worms


I bought a big bag of Lays chips that has different kind of little bags inside and I was about to open a bag of the salt and vinegar when I saw that the bag was torn from the top. And on the side of it was a little tiny maggot.

I grabbed another bag of funyuns and it also had a maggot on the side of the bag. I don't know whats going on but that is disgusting!

Bryan, Texas, United States #927275

i bought a bag of this chips and when i did i looked inside and there where only 10 chips.Now i no this is a terable company

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