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I was finishing a bag of scoops and in the bottom of the bag I found a piece of white material with small perforations in it maybe a torn piece of glove or hair net. The upc code is 0 28400 06408 8 it's 10 oz.

size with a sell by date of Aug 26th. at a cost of $4.29 purchased one week ago while shopping Winn-Dixie in St. Petersburg, Florida.

I am enclosing a photo of the material maybe that will help you discover how it got in the bag of scoops. I would very much like to hear from someone.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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Houston, Texas, United States #867050

Sounds to me you people work for Frito Lay in there quality control department. So what did you put in the bags of Tostitos.

Have you eaten any condoms or Maxipads? LOL I found a piece of string, must have been from the Maxipad. I will never buy this product again and I have the string in my bathroom for a conversation piece.



It is a used condom, don't worry I know the person who accidentally dropped it in there and he does not have AIDS so you should be fine.

First Born Triplet
to Anonymous #848164

Now that we know what it is it is no longer a mystery.

to Anonymous #848267

You're just trying to worry the guy and that's not very nice.

Pretty sure it's nothing more than part of a "heavy days" can clearly see the absorbancy holes in it.

to Anonymous #849982

So that is where I put my condom?


Did you ever thing about using the phone # or website listed on the bag instead of some generic website called pissedconsumer?

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