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It was one of the 2 for $1 bags, but it was still supposed to be 1&1/8 oz (31.8g) in there. I could hear the rustle of a couple chip pieces tangoing inside as I shook the bag.

So I weighed it on a food scale. It weighed 0.05oz (2g)!! Haha that's not a snack, that's called packing material! What in the world?

Don't they have a scanner or scale on their conveyer belt in the factory to at least make sure it's within a reasonable limit of the stated amount? This was just crazy.

I know it's only a 50 cent bag, but when you get home and open your bag to find this, you don't want to go all the way back out and burn gas to get a refund. Wish they would just send me 50 cents or a coupon for a free bag next time.

Product or Service Mentioned: Frito Lay Chips.

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it is indeed illegal to sell an underweight product

because it is false advertising

New York, New York, United States #820893

Same thing is at sub way there meals come with chips last one I counted 7 chips in one bag that is dealing insane frito lay I hope that company goes down

Columbia, Kentucky, United States #777666

Call Frito Lay and tell them. Do a web search for their webpage and customer service email or phone number.

They will no doubt send you at least one coupon of some sort. These things happen. Get over it. And, of course buy a better brand of potato chip.

I recommend the Jay's original Kettle. Expensive, but buy when on sale.

Lays chips are common and nation-wide but they are nothing special at all. More for the fat *** sitting on a couch watching "the game" than for anyone who know anything at all about what a great potato chip is.

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