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Rold Gold pretzels thin crisps

I want to find out if you make a garlic flavor thin crisps, thanks


fried green tomato chips

I am trying to locate these chips for my grandmother and can't locate them anywhere why?


simply lays sea salt thick cut

Live in North Texas I can't find them anywhere.


Pepperoni Chips?

Would you ever consider making pepperoni chips? This would be a great addition to your flavors as well as be different from what the competition is making.

Please consider the idea. -HighGuy69


Tostitos multi grain

Has the multi grain Tostito chip been discontinued? Our local Walmart did stock these and now we can’t seem to find them.


PS4 code

Yes I bought a dorito bag at the store and it said there would be a food for 84 overall Calvin Johnson and there were no code to be found at all.


When will be the next entry for lays potatoe


Does Lay's make a salt free potato chip?


What is the source of the enzymes used in the new product "lay's garden tomato and asiago" ?

I'm Muslim and can't eat food that contain enzymes that came from animals.


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