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Was told by delivery driver that he no longer wanted to service my account nor did Frito-lay want him to service my store because my account is too small. All companies today worry about big box stops.

Forgot about the little guy. What a shame. I have told my customers the reason why I no longer sell Frito-Lay. I hope they stop buying your products at the big box stores.

You as a company forgot that your company was built by the mom and pop stores. We were wanted by your company then. But now the wal-marts of the world dictate to you what how when and where they want you to deliver to them And you bend over backwards for them. So I say *** you frito lay.

I will never buy or sell your *** products ever again.

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Bellevue, Washington, United States #801176

Go to I work for frito-lay in MA and we service Pennsylvania- it would either be us or New Jersey. But go to the website- Snacks to You is a Frito-Lay service for smaller businesses.

to juan #801192

what good will that do. Your company does not want to sell at my store..

tell your company to contact me. 724-643-9280

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