I just purchased cracker jack havent had them since l was a kid always loved them didnt find one peanut! I will tell my friends & grandchildren not to purchase cracker jack.

I remember they had alot of peanuts. I hope you will take care of problem so l can enjoy cracker jacks again. My friends & family agree and they will tell all there friends.l know people that sell your products they all told me they will discountine selling frito lay products.

I hope you will resolve your problem because l always loved your products. And my grandchildren will to.

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Omg shut up get over it u cry baby. Who cares about the peanuts.

People who are allergic to the peanuts can now enjoy cracker jack so shut up with ur lame complaint. Its *** and a waste of time to complain about this


What in heck difference does it make if there are peanuts in a pkg. of Cracker Jacks.

Furthermore, if you are an adult, you are too old for them. I really doubt that you are an adult being you don't seem to know how to capitalize and spell real well.

It's time to grow up. Do you honestly think a handful of your friends and family not buying Cracker Jacks will hurt the company?

to anonymous #794081

Because the peanuts are the best part.


I seriously doubt that your friends and grandchildren will not buy them just because you tell them not to.

to Anonymous Melbourne, Florida, United States #793989

Actually they will, my friends already agreed to tell their friends. A few friends are not my friends anymore because they still continue to buy cracker jacks.

I told my grandchildren if they buy crackerjacks with my money that they will not be allowed over to my house ever and I would never bake the brownies that they like for them. I also know people who own small stores and told them I would put them out of business by telling everyone in town that I saw insects and rats running in the store. If they don't want people to believe that there are rats and insects running around the store they will stop selling cracker jacks until this issue is resolved. In a small town like mine word spreads like wildfire and everyone will think that the store that sells the cracker jacks is infested with rats they will stop shopping there forcing them to go out of business.

Word of mouth can go a long way.

It is bad enough that they don't put good toys in anymore.

They only put cheap stickers with jokes and riddles. This is going too far.

First Born Triplet
to Anonymous Markham, Ontario, Canada #793993

Whether the OP wrote this or if it is some troll. You can get sued if it turned out there are no rats and insects in the store. If someone is trolling pretending to be the OP don't worry about it, however if the OP is posting this and her lies cost them to go out of business due to rumours the person owning the store can sue you.

to Anonymous #794010

You are so full of $hit your eyes must be really brown.

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