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I purchased chips on 7/21/2014 and I found small hairs embedded in a Ruffles Cheddar and Sour Cream chip. I purchased and opened the bag on the same day and it did not expire until 9/23/2014.

I contacted the company, we'll see what they say. Disgusting! The worst part is I had eaten half the bag before I pulled this chip out and noticed the small hairs embedded in the side of the chip.

I will never purchase anything from them again. I don't really care for coupons or free chips, I want them to own up to this mistake.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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Barboursville, Virginia, United States #1227940

They're not hairs, it's part of the potato. It's tiny fibrous roots that were growing off the side of the potato.

If you notice they're at a dark spot on the potato, that's one of the "eyes" where the roots come from.

This one was just plucked from the ground with some tiny ones hanging on. No biggie.


Same thing happened to me, it's actually multiple little hairs that look just like that one, and it was the deep ridged ones aswell, though i figure they're not actual hairs but rather some kind of part of the potato that was incorrectly removed, or something along those lines. Unless there's a particularly strange fellow working on these chips who enjoys feeding people his hairs...

Bangor, Maine, United States #882270

The exact same thing happened to my family!

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, United States #847416

I bought a bag if lays potato chips plain and they're were salty it was salty and burned my mouth. I don't what there doing to these chips but when I was little I loved these chips and I even put them in my peanut butter sandwiches ...

Bit I really wouldn't want to that now... It would ruin my sandwich..

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