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I purchase a bag of chips sour cream and onion. The worst bag i ever purchase.

I so upset about this bag. They were brunt too brown and no flavor at all...it may be a while before i purchase another bag....my contact number 252 676 2480 please feel free to leave a voice mail of no answer

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Doesn't appear to be anything much wrong with these from looking at them. As far as flavor.....maybe you had a cold ? I don't think this is a cause for complaint.


You should get a job


Flavor aside, the chips do not seem to brown! Maybe it's the flash from the camera washing the color out!

Go to their website, and, send them a complaint.

They will respond by sending you several coupons.

I've done this with various purchases I have not been pleased with, and they have always responded with coupons. Some with non-expiring coupons, and others for complimentary coupons (free).

to Mike_mn Orange, California, United States #1043721

I agree, looks like this person needs a job and is looking for a free handout since they do not have one.

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