If I eat more than a couple of handfuls of Fritos or Lays potato chips, I get sick to my stomach. I contacted the company, but they didn't follow up with what I must assume they thought was a personal problem.

I found a nice solution however. Trader Joe's sells a product called, "Organic Corn Chip dippers".

They are very much like Fritos, don't make me sick and are cheaper. I highly recommend them for Frito lovers who are affected in a similar way or who are looking for a healthier, possibly organic snack food with a great taste and texture.

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Fritos and most other corn chips causes great indigestion for me. I usally have to take a teaspoon of baking soda in a glassbof water to rid the effects of these chips. Almost instant relief after belching a couple of times.

Greenville, New York, United States #1226923

the pain is unbelievable it happens every time I can't believe there's an attack dog disputing people's concerns it's laughable

Kolkata, West Bengal, India #1224351

its the oil they use... On the pack its written hydrolyzed vegetable oil but actually its very bad...

its called dalda in india.. check google... I used get sick too, then I realised that... its a blend of many oils, peanut, soyabean, soya, bla bla bla...

I have stopped consuming them, better fry ur own... and this companies are ignorant of any health problems face by the consumers...


I too have the same problem. I love fritos, but I know I will pay for it only minutes later.

Again tonight. Had a few chips about 6 or So and now sick as a dog. Acid reflux taste.

Has to be one of the ingredients that is setting off this issue. Hate because they taste great but not worth the pain after.


I love fritos and the same stomach pain comes to me. I tried the organic trader Joe's corn chips and felt no pain.

You're absolutely right! Not sure what frito-lay has in it.


Also nauseous ... and also wonder what's in them that speaks to "craving," because there are times -- it just pops up -- and I find myself "just wanting a few," actually, but unless you have access to a vending machine, all you can find in the groceries are GREAT BIG SACKS of Fritos, and -- ***. If I don't eat more than a few (and feel sick every time).

Must stop.

Will stop.

Gonna stop right now, tonight.

Mankato, Minnesota, United States #911541

have you clowns actually read the ingredients that are in the products in question.I believe there are 3 ingredients in fritos and classic lays.

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #890874

Yeah me too! My stomach starts turning and then I just feel sick. Sort of of like acid reflux but worse.


I thougt it was something in the Fritos that made me sick. After checking closely I realized I had just overate!

Darn it.

My fault.


Actually, you are right. Frito L, does not care about your personal problems.

I was told this once, as a trucker, when they made me deliver a load of potatoes, a day early, and did not want to unload this truck I had. I was so pissed, leaving me waiting for 24 hours, and depriving me of some R and R time in Reno, NV.

I was a owner operator, and made my company get me some compensation for that. I ended up with seventy five dollars, and I vowed never to haul their stinking potatoes after that, being stuck in a yard with no facilities for twenty four hours...

to indigo1898 #960710

Wow, poor baby!


PS: For the consumers out there that are getting sick from ingesting Frito Lays products, I suggest you make a different choice as far a snacks. No one is forcing you to eat anything.

They're just as tasty as they were when I was a little kid. For real for real....

to M Haynes Santa Cruz, California, United States #1178393

The point is: we want them to improve the product so that we can enjoy Fritos. If you were making a product that had a problem, wouldn't you want someone to let you know?


I love the plain potato chips, which ard my favorite must haves at least twice a week and the Munchies Flaming Hot peanuts, but wats up with all of the sodium?


Fritos are awesome!

San Diego, California, United States #812236

Fritos make me vomit. I didn't realize they were in a salad I ate today and I ended up vomiting. No other food affects me this way.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #624438

peanuts make me sick, curry makes me sick, canned fish makes me sick. do i go out and buy these items to eat and complain about them making me sick ? you're so pathetic

to S #661652

What's pathetic is how you reply using various names. Grow up.


I ate a bag of frito lay "munchies" today, the ones that have pretzels, hot cheetos and sun chips mixed together. The last time I ate a bag of these I got sick as well but since I had ate dinner, I couldn't tell what had made me sick.

Now I know it's the chips that make me sick because earlier after eating some I started to shake, feel nauseous, and got a huge headache.

After I threw up I felt better and told myself I will NEVER have another bag of those nasty chips. "RSR" it's not that I am complaining but instead informing people out there about my experience so that they are aware of how some people react to these products and avoid getting sick just like I did.


Don't feel bad about trying a product that ended up making you sick. Pepsico has numerous products with killer ingredients.

My latest was with frito and quaker oats instant cereal. Actually, the whole family came down with stomach pain on fritos, whereas quaker only affected my daughter and myself. Tummy eruptions from the people trying to kill us themselves. RSR had said not to eat them because there are hungry people that wouldn't complain if they had fritos.

To be quite honest, hungry people would be better off eating dirt. Some alarming ingredients in fritos: Enriched cornmeal, whey, modified milk proteins, gluten, mono sodium glutamate... and yet when you call to tell them that they are ripping their consumers stomachs with inflammation they treat you like it's a personal problem. Folks, imagine all the kids out there that are not aware and do not yet have the symptoms of what this junk is doing to their bodies.

Sure we might not notice the effects immediately or even relate it to fritos and many other products on the market, but that is their hope, that it won't show up as an issue in your diet, BUT, IT IS! It is wide spread enough by now that these markets need to stop killing people prematurely.

They know how killer their products are. It's our job to inform the public that it is their problem and not ours.

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