Just pulled this tasty morsel out of a bag of Lays Kettle chips. #WhatIsIt? Help me @LAYS @Fritolay

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My jalapeño kettle cooked chips had a brown chunk almost like the picture but darker. I feel sick to my stomach thinking it might be something that was once living!

Ocala, Florida, United States #1274100

Sounds more like a phony story, some people just need more attention than others .

Charlottesville, Virginia, United States #1273857

I think I know what happened here. Either some one in your house put a piece of fried chicken in the bag and didnt want to fess up or some worker at lays was warming up his lunch while frying your chips...

Probably is that.

They are kettle chips after all. Wouldnt be hard to warm up some chicken that way.

Haltom City, Texas, United States #957738

Same thing happened here. except in my favorite lay's kettle cooked jalapeno chips.

I hate to say it but i might never eat them again. :( thinkin of trying to at least show it to the company but hard to get them to believe me.

I really just poured bag onto a napkin and at the bottom that blackish chunk of weirdness fell out. help!!!


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Pasadena, Texas, United States #939854

My husband had the same thing in his lays kettle potatoes chips last Friday while eating at Subway. He returned the chips and got something different. What is it?

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