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I found a roach in my French onion dip,15 ounce,it comes in a jar.I sent them back the jar complaining about their cleaning records and the audits of cleanlyness.

They sent me free coupons for more product. Then they sent me another letter apologizing for my inconvenience and hope that the enclosed will help me like their product again. Well, there was nothing enclosed in the letter.

I am now writing another letter stating that I want my money back and that there was nothing enclosed in the envelope I received from them. They said it was an isolated incident.

Believe that one?!! They never addressed any of the issues or questions i had about their auditing practices for there company. For the place where this product was produced. From the reviews it looks like its been happening a lot with the chips from hard plastics to rat tails found by other consumers.

etc. I am very dissatisfied with with the last letter i received.

I am pursueing further.Maybe FDA.

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It looks like you put it in there to be honest. If they gave money back to everyone who found a bug in their food, they'd go broke because of all the fakers.

Orange, California, United States #973340

Instead of putting in your own bugs in their food and demanding freebies why not get a job so you can afford to pay for your foodstamps?



The insect isn't covered in the dip, but is sitting cleanly exposed.

The dip has obviously been eaten partially, as the sides show the prior level of the containers volume.

Frito Lay sent you coupons for free product as an underserved courtesy for your roach invasion, and you're still unsatisfied.

I don't think they're too worried about you. And you should find something better to do with your time.

to GetReal Orange, California, United States #973341

That shows the insect was placed there by the OP prior to having the picture taken.


People would not eat anything if they knew what was really allowed into your food.Lets say chocolate..There is so much bug parts allowed you would not believe it.Same with many other things even your flour you bake with is allowed to have bug eggs in it.Most of the places that make all your foods have bugs and rats in them.So you had 1 roach in your food that is ok according to the FDA.Remember you are allowed so many bug parts per 100 gallons of product this was the bug ratio they allowed.So I really do not think the FDA would help you at all since they allow this to happen.

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