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Why does frito laya cheese dip turn into water the next day? I put the dip in a bowel and use a chip to put the dip on. The next day I look at the jar/bowel and it is water..... I am wondering about the chemicals in this dip. Please let me know why this is happening?

The rep that talked to on the phone stated common sense do not dip anything into the dip... She was very ignorant and rude. I never heard of not puttng a chip into the dip. If you do - it causes the dip to liquify.

Frito Lay needs intelligent and customer service oriented people to work for their company.

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I didn't even dip something in mine and it did the same!


The salt from the chip destabilizes the dip. Take some out and put in a separate bowl and then refridgerate the can that is not tainted with the salt.


Mine always gets runny , I put some out of the container not sipping anything in it. I Refrigerateven immediately.

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I have the same issue....you open it, remove a couple of tablespoons full into another dish, put the original can in refrigerator, the very next day its cheese soup, no substance to it at all, its just watery!

I don't trust in that condition so I'm not buying anymore and going to FaceBook and Twitter this problem!

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This happens to me every time. It says on the lid to refrigerate after opening, but then it turns to liquid chees

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