Today I was looking forward to my lunch break and having a good bag of ruffles cheddar and sour cream as I occasionally enjoy on my break. As I opened my bag i was delighted my chips where fresh and as I dug in i found a big ball of what im assuming and hoping its only of seasoning, which disgusted me since it could be considered a health hazard, Im attaching pictures as well and hope there can take some action to this since I love this brand of chips and considering its a big time company there should check on the packages in any possible way before selling them so this wont happen to anyone else.

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I found a big splinter of wood in my Dinty Moore beef stew.it was huge and poked the inside of my husbands cheek. very painful.

they really should check before sealing the packaging for sure!! that was gross and we didnt know where that wood came from??!!!!


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Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #770695

I got a bag of ruffles - bacon cheese - and I found several balls in the end of the bag. They looked dark green and the smell of them wasn't that pleasant. I really like ruffles, they should really do something about this.

Ballinger, Texas, United States #647554

I bought a bag of Doritos and I found the same stuff....

to Anonymous Lancaster, Kentucky, United States #664527

That`s why when you buy a bag of chips from them there isnt any seasoning on the chips. It`s because it balls up on them.

I have bought countless 10oz bags of Cheddar and Sour Cream from frito lay and there wasnt any cheese on them.I think that that picture answers it. There machines need cleaning out more often.Ive found it in Doritos too.

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