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I had got all the way down to the bottom of the bag. I reached in and put the last few chips into my mouth.

When I bit down, my teeth hit something hard and flat. It was very.painful. I think there is someone working in the Fruits plant putting objects into the product as some kind of Joke. This is not funny.

My teeth still hurt and I am sure the penny had germs on it. What should I do?

The expiration date on the bag is Apr. 05 and coded 287102843 27 03:11 on the $1.49 bag

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Be fair buddy...it's KIND of funny.

Working on an assembly line is boring. I have to break the monotony somehow.

Just be happy it was a regular penny and not an "***-penny".


What if u chocked on the penny or broke ur tooth?


Your problem will be proving that is what happened. You should have been able to feel a penny in your hand when you grabbed the chips.

Of course there is an employee at the production plant that is putting things in the bags that don't belong there, as some kind of joke. You probably get more germs off your cell phone, than you did of that alleged penny.

Some of the things in your home have more germs than that penny probably had. Anyway you aren't dead yet.

to anonymous Chicago, Illinois, United States #795558

I am more concerned about the damage to my teeth or I could have swallowed it.

to Anonymous Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #937575

It could have happened - I could have choked - It could have broke my tooth!!! NOTHING LIKE THAT HAPPENED SO BE THANKFUL!

A company is not going to pay you for what COULD HAVE happened!

It was a mistake - the workers are human just like us!

to anonymous #937283

But what if he DOES die?! What THEN?!?

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