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I had an almost welldone penny found in a bag of frito lay bag of chips

I purchase. The thought of this penny before it was cooked with some chips I ate.

This employees could had did some bad things to the penny before it got cooked really good. If I knew How to post pictures on this site. I would do it. I have mamy pictures of this penny.

You can't even see the year on this penny. Just nasty. Frito lays wants me to send this product back to them. Now I empty all my chips out the bag before eaten them.

Only eat uncle ray's chP's and Tom's. Never Frito lsys

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First off if the penny was cooked anything 'bad' would be cooked as well, making it the safest thing you could put in your mouth. Second, how do you cook your black eye peas for New Year's? You don't put a penny in the pot for prosperity?


I think I see Jesus in that penny.

Mentor, Ohio, United States #942839

OMG I would just never buy that brand again. Friend of mine found a cockroach in her cigarette, she sent a photo, complained to the manufacturer - and they sent her a free pack of cigs. she threw them away


Your ***! If you find a penny in your chips and its cooked to a crisp there's no bacteria on it first of all, second of all why post it on the Internet?

Go get your bag of chips from them and end it, like Christ go buy a different bag.

Mistakes happen, don't be ***, your not going to make millions of your burnt penny. Pffff acting like you never had a hair on your food before.

to Pat Los Angeles, California, United States #619398

U should. Of sold it on eBay. LOL :grin

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